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Associated inquiry with Nukunu

augusti 23 @ 5:30 e m - augusti 26 @ 5:30 e m

kr 3575

Associated inquiry – In Fridhem, Stjärnsund with Nukunu
Location: Södra Dalarna, Sweden
Begins: 17:30, August 23rd, 2018
Ends: 16:00, August 26th, 2018
Ticket: 3,575 SEK Price incl.all meals, 200 kr discount if payed before 31th July. Dormitory 600 kr , doubelroom 900 kr and singelroom 1200 kr.
Venue: Fridhem
Venue Url:
Application Deadline: August 16th, 2018
If you come by train or bus we can pick you up in Hedemora.
How to apply: Email to Azman:

Start on Thursday 23th with dinner 17.30 and open Satsang 19.00 (150kr), The group starts on the 24th at 10.00.

“To know who we are, we don’t need to be “figured out”.
We just need to be exposed!”
Acceptance and Impermanence
Associated Inquiry is a way – a method – to look through appearances.
It consists of three pillars:
We can’t embrace an experience if we don’t accept it. We must be able to let ourselves be absorbed into an experience a feeling or a mood. By experiencing something deeply we will come to see that it is passing, impermanent and transient, and in this deep understanding the experiencer “falls” into the experienced. When that which is experienced is seen as passing – as empty – the experiencer also dissolves!
I will try to explain this in a different way. If I ask someone “are you conscious?” the person will immediately turn his or her awareness towards something, to an object or a thought. We need an object in the mind to feel ourselves – the subject. The subject and the object exist simultaneously – no object, no subject.
When you “wake up” in the morning, you become aware of your body or of the clouds outside the window. When the body or the clouds appear you appear simultaneously. How could you be conscious if you where not conscious of something?
The natural state, or the awakened state, is that “undivided being” that makes up both the subject and the object. In our true nature we are both and as the undivided being we are playing both the roles. The famous statement “Tat Twam Asi” (“I am That”), means the same. I am That which makes up everything there is and ever was.
I’m not talking about a lofty philosophical statement. I’m talking about a direct wordless understanding, so unbelievably simple and beautiful! Realizing that all experiences are impermanent the experiencer is also becoming impermanent. This is realized as the non-dual state where the experiencer is the experienced. It is like becoming a child again and maybe our longing for Enlightenment is the longing back to something we once used to know.
All the content of the mind can be used to help us to wake up, because awakening has nothing to do with the “what” but with the “is”. If, for example, anger is understood as impermanent it can be the stepping-stone.
In one of my satsangs somebody said to me “I don’t understand a single word of what you are talking about”. I asked him “can you accept that experience unconditionally”. Just embrace that experience for what ever it is, pleasant or unpleasant?” It is very difficult for the mind to understand that by accepting your non-understanding you will gain the ultimate understanding.


augusti 23 @ 5:30 e m
augusti 26 @ 5:30 e m
kr 3575