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Concert m Holy tree, music of nature

juli 26 @ 6:00 e m - 8:00 e m

Come as you are – simply sit or lay down and let Filip and Malin guide you into a cross-cultural world of sounds and silence. This relaxing concert offers a moment of stillness and a unique approach to mantra singing supported by instruments from near and far. Holy tree paint their musical landscape using tools such as Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and bells for their meditative properties. The indian shruti box lays a foundation for Malin’s guitar and singing as well as the soaring wooden flutes. The frame drums – artistically handcrafted by Filip himself – gives depth and a steady heartbeat to the music.
An exposition and selling of unique handcrafted instruments of many kinds (Shamanic drums, flutes, rattles, chimes…) will be part of the event!

The concert is donationsbased, by swish to Malin Wik 076 84 69 481 or cash in donation box at Fridhem

h o l y  t r e e
m u s i c   o f   n a t u r e



juli 26
6:00 e m - 8:00 e m