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DERK LOEKS – Earth Warriors: Realizing the Essence of Being

mars 28 - mars 31

Earth Warriors have always served Sacred Earth. Before “war and warrior” became associated with violence, the warrior was a woman or man who absolutely would do whatever it takes to create a safe space for Life. Ideally this safe space would be where a person inside their own integrity could realize the core of their being as Essence. This was the meaning of warrior! A key to this was a sacred technology, the technology of Realization. Making real the most beautiful possibilities with the support of the power of Sacred Earth.

In these three days together we will open the understanding of being a warrior in your own life. We will open the understanding of how to connect your personal best with the best for the Earth and All Species.

We begin Thursday evening with an open, community zhikr. Zhikr is a Sufi Ceremony of deep memory and alignment. Then, that night in the dreamtime and the next morning we launch into the warrior weekend. If possible we will hold one or more medicine lodges, whatever we need to accommodate all the participants. A medicine lodge is a unique form of sweat lodge with specific purposes in addition to healing and prayer. Through out these days we will focus on how each individual can become a self directed and spirit directed warrior in their own life.

About Derk Loeks

Wilderness guide, organizational consultant to business, communities and corporations, sustainable systems designer, Derk Loeks has constantly explored the creative edge of aliveness and being human.

Mr. Loeks inner life has been equally complex and focused. Derk was trained since early childhood by individuals in authentic mystical traditions with whom he later met and developed close relationships. These relationships support him in his work as a healer, mystic and as a guide for the Living School, a 5,000 year old mulit-cultural, multigenerational experiment in human excellence and interspecies partnership. Derk has worked closely with Buckminster Fuller, Mother Theresa, Grandpa David, Paulo Soleri, Bill Mollison, Yogi Bhajan, Hilda Charlton and others equally accomplished yet unknown to contemporary culture. His client list includes celebrities from film, broadway and politics, but most importantly people from the working poor who are on the leading edge of experiencing what we have created on this paradise planet.

Derk’s work has taken him deep into community healing, strategy and design with Native Hawaiians, Inuit, Native Americans, Bedouin and an ongoing project with the urban homeless. Everything in Mr Loeks’ career points to the support and celebration of what is available to us all…the human spirit, human ability and a superbly creative partnership with the earth and all species.

He has recently with his family relocated from the US to rural Sweden.

About the School

This program to which you are invited is integrated into work with the Living School.
The Living School is a multicultural, multi generational training and humanitarian project, whose purpose is to develop accelerated human abilities integrated into core values. The project emphasizes personal healing, vision and purpose as well as a larger community and planetary focus. The intention has always been to increase the level of benefit for the earth and all species by increasing the strength of beneficial life fields.

Cost: 3,650 kr. inclusive of meals and shared lodging for three days.
Double room, add 100kr/day
Private room, add 200kr/day
meals are three vegetarian, metabolically balanced meals plus 2 fikas /day

Enrollment through Fridhem contact: Mikaela, or 0765-933933


mars 28
mars 31