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DREAMWEAVER ceremony nytt datum

maj 30 @ 4:00 e m - 11:30 e m

The Dream Weaver ceremony is a ritual with the Medicine wheel guided by music and prayer, with the intention to open the door to the power of dreaming together.
When we dream together with a clear understanding of all things interconnectedness, we start weaving our tree of life inside the web of life, in a way that brings harmony and balance to our world. We grow and cultivate our understanding of where we are, and deepened our relationship to what is sacred. We start to understand the sacredness, and the power of who we are and what we are.
The Dream Weaver gives us a “New” story about life, by transmitting the inherent friendship of all relationships, and reveals the power and medicine of gratitude to us as a real alive way to guide toward the sacred inside all life.
What you need to feel comfortable through the night. The Dream Weaver is a; community all species ceremony, so you are welcome to bring your instrument and your songs so we can play together, also if it feels right bring flowers or tobacco or other gifts to the circle, maybe something to share after the ceremony. Kids are welcome also.
The Dreamweaver Ceremony, is facilitated by Vigyan. Vigyan aka Earthdancer, is originally from Denmark, but lives in Sweden with his family. He has been building shamanic craft and drums for more than 20 years. He also facilitates ceremonies and sweat lodges. For many he is well known for exactly this transformative and powerful “Dreamweaver” ceremony.
Duration approx. 5 hours
The ceremony is in english
Donation from 100 Skr
Questions to Mikaela,, 0765-933933


maj 30
4:00 e m - 11:30 e m