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Tantrapulsation Inställd

januari 27, 2021 - januari 31, 2021

Tantra pulsation traning in 3 parts
Part 1 of 3. The training will be held in English and Swedish in Stjärnsund in Dalarna. It will be part one, two and three and each part is a long weekend (four days).
The training is intended for you who have done some Tantra as well as some self-exploration. It is for you who like to look inside and have a deeper understanding of yourself and others. It is also for you who want to learn how to give sessions and workshops in Tantra or Tantrapulsation. Maybe you already work with people but want to expand your skills.
In Part 1 of the training, we start with self-exploration and deepening of our own journey, tuning into the body, our breathing and our feelings. Most days I will demonstrate a Tantrapulsation-session, share some principles and keys and then we will pair up and give each other this session. Afterwards, we will have time to share what happened during the session, both as a receiver and a giver.
We will experience how it is to be the Fascilitator and guiding others in their process, as well as how to create a supportive atmosphere for others, so that they can feel more comfortable.
Towards the end of each day we will have a Tantric meeting together and share some of the Tantra-ways.
Some of the areas we will touch:
− How to be present in the body and breath
− How to give care to our Tantra Temple
− Allowing and fine tuning our feelings, and expanding awareness of all that
we contain
− Understanding and recognizing old wounds
− Dearmouring
− How to allow transparency and sharing what is happening
− Becoming familiar with different energy centers, and allowing the energy
to flow freely
− Touching intimately, with sensitivity, and in a non-intrusive way
− Becoming relaxed and comfortable with another body
− Conscious lovemaking – making love as a Meditation
− Using intuition to enhance our role as a Facilitator
These books we’ll use as inspiration sources:
• Aneesha L Dillon: Tantric Pulsation
• Diana Richardson: Slow Sex, Tantric Orgasm for Women
• Diana Richardson & Michael Richardson: Tantric Sex for Men,
Tantric Love: Feeling vs Emotion: Golden Rules to Make Love
• Ateeka: Love is Under My Skin: Experiments in Living Yoga
Part 2 is on the 11-14th of March
Part 3 is on the 29th of April to the 2nd of May
In Part 2 we will continue the self exploration as well as going deeper into giving sessions. We will look at “Conscious lovemaking” – making love as a meditation. We will also exercise meditation in general and being confortable with non-doing.
In Part 3 we continue the self-exploration and the Facilitating
sessions and groups.
After participating in Tantrapulsation parts 1 – 3 you will receive a Diploma.
Cost for one weekend
Earlybird : Payed before Dec 27 2020: 3200 kr (or 2600 kr if unemployed)
After Dec 27 2020 the cost is 3700 kr (or 3000 kr if unemployed)
Food: 290 kr per person/day
Bed: 230 kr per night in bunkbed
345 kr per night in double room
400 kr per night in single room
Questions about the content of the coarse to Smrati
Booking and questions about the venue, food and overnight stay to Mikaela,


januari 27, 2021
januari 31, 2021