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Stiftelsen Stjärnsund

Stiftelsen Stjärnsund is working for a holistic view of life, mainly by having courses in the broad area of personal growth. Stiftelsen Stjärnsund was founded in 1984 inspired by the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. The foundation is a non-profit organization and is independent of political and religious organizations. We have no leader, neither spiritual nor worldly. All activity occurs in cooperation and through personal responsibility.


Our course-center is a large, redpainted timberbuilding from the 1890s. There is accommodation for c:a 28 over night guests. We have two large course-rooms, a dining room, a well-equipped kitchen, library, meditation room, a healing room and an ecologic shop. There is a green-house and a garden using organic cultivation methods for our own needs.

The purpose of the foundation

Through our inner strength create an environment for loving and peaceful cooperation

To create conditions for personal development irrespective of personal background

To work through presenting courses and other means to give inspiration for the development of wholeness

Through different forms of creative activity contribute to individual development

To garden naturally with care for the environment

To work to preserve natural resources for the future

To build small companies in a comfortable, friendly environment

To cooperate with the local people, other organizations in the same location and regional authorities




At present our participating guests program is very restricted. Please come and stay as an ordinary hostel guest, to negotiate your individual agreement, if you like it here.

You can also come here as an ordinary guest and enjoy our recreational facilities. There is a guest kitchen where you may store food and prepare meals.


We offer a large variety of courses – everything from dance, yoga, t’ai chi, meditation, music, painting and different kinds of healing.


There are many therapists of various kinds in our village, whom you can contact for healing. We have a nice healing room at Fridhem, which you can rent if you yourself are a healer.


You may meditate, use our library and walk in the beautiful surroundings. Two lakes give you possibilities for swimming, fishing and boating in the summer and in the winter you can skate or ski. We have a two km ski track lit in the evenings. A sauna is available on Saturdays.

Practical information

Accommodation can be in single-, double- or four bedroom. You can always ask us for special requirements. It is good to bring indoor shoes or slippers. We also recommend that you bring warm clothing if you come during winter time. Good walking-shoes are also very useful.


If you arrive by air plane to Stockholm, Arlanda, there are train connections to Hedemora which is our nearest town. Arriving in Sweden at Stockholm, Skavsta, there is a bus connection to Stockholm central railway-station, where there are regular services to Hedemora. If we are adviced in advance, we can arrange to pick you up in Hedemora.