Dance Your Soul Into Motion

A warm welcome to come and dance your soul into extatic motion in the energy of the full moon three Thursdays in Stjärnsund on the 28/9, 26/10, 23/11
Everyone is welcome. No matter if you have never danced before or if you are an experienced dancer you are equally welcome to explore your self expression in togetherness in openess.
The dance is supporting your own self exploration and is an inner journey.
The space will welcome you to ground in the body, feel and open more fully to parts of yourself that are stagnate, asleep, stiff, longing, joyful, playful, tired or whatever else, ready to be moved. Every emotion and every motion is welcome as we take this journey together with the intention of celebrating what is by accepting and allowing and to bring awareness and love and expansion to the body which will naturally lift the energylevels.
The choice of music is a mix from all over the world consciously put together with different frequencies and rhytms to activate and touch into body and soul and is created as a journey to support everyone to deapen and to open. We are starting with deeply rooting grounding music to surrender and expand in breath and will move through more firy expressive, rhytmic and chaotic music for shaking the body open, flowing and soulful music to express in freedom, heartfelt music to be gentle and kind and coming together in the end with deeply relaxing music that invites to just lie down and integrate.
The journey will take about 90 minutes.
We dance with bare feet.
We will start the evening with coming together in a circle to welcome eachother into the shared space where everyones presence is what creates the space.
Cost: 100:-/night or 280:- for alla three nights when paid before hand
Write on Messenger to Mikaela Tenalach to notify that you are coming or if there are any questions
About the facilitator.
I have been holding sacred space for dancing for many years in different forms. Dance has been a way for myself to stay connected to my soul and grounded in heart in the midst of living life in a multidimensional reality where overwhelm of duties and demands and impressions can be a lot. It has also been a way of opening new dorrs of self exploration and of connecting with life.
Over the years I have come to trust deeply that the energy of everyone bringing their presence to the circle creates a vortex that creates a field of energy that supports everyone in the circle to go deeper into ourselves, into feeling in the body, into soul and it happens naturally that it offers a connection with parts of ourselves that does not easily always find expression in daily life.
I trust that when we come together in the surrender to ourselves with the intention to feel more of ourselves in a safe container it creates a freedom to be more fully free to release whatever needs release, in movement, in sounds, in shaking in flowing in stillness and to integrate and bring things home too. And this brings a sense of empowerment and freedom that heals.




18:30 - 21:00


Mikaela Larm