Winter Nights with Lore | Touch & Play

I love sharing my favourite intimacy games and practices with you and grow stronger in local community.

You can join just like you are and just like you feel – any of the nights. All the practices leave plenty of space for you to be in any mood you want to be in. You don’t need to feel cozy, social or happy to build connection.

Your participation as a witness, sitting or laying down on the side, is also appreciated and valuable.

 Lots can happen, nothing needs to happen.

This is for the experienced and the beginner, for any age and any gender.

The evenings will be clothed. Everything I suggest is an invitation and your No will be as much celebrated as you Yes.

Even though erotic feelings are welcome (because they are yours to own and feel, no one else’s), we won’t act from them and there is no focus on exploring sexuality.

✦ Your program: ✦

EMBODIED PLAY  Saturday 11/02 , 6 – 8.30 pm

Can you feel the impact of the connection in your body? Are you in touch with you authentic impulses and your body’s guidance?

We’ll start with some relational body-awareness practices and move on to non-verbal play.

CONNECT & PLAY WITH BREATH  Sunday 26/02 , 6 – 8.30 pm

Slowing down together and dedicating your evening to connecting with your own body and each other’s body.

Expect playfulness as well as sacredness, sounding and laying down with strangers.

This is the ultimate co-regulation and has a lot of potential for you to open up to a fluffy, love-ful and deeply relaxed state!


Donation between 50 – 300 sek.

An extra and welcome contribution is to invite your friends and neighbours to this event. Thank you for helping spread the word!


Let me know you are coming by clicking ‘Going’ or by sending me a message.

Find us in Sörbosalen.


Intimate Breath offers holistic intimacy and sexuality coaching to groups and individuals.


Lore Blancke is passionate about the wisdom of the body as a gateway to a richer and more conscious life. Her mission is to support unobstructed aliveness as a source of creativity, healing and well-being.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy and is trained in personal development, breathwork, massage, consent work, constellation work, cyclical living, authentic relating, embodied intimacy, conscious sexuality and Weflow.

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